Rainbow Waterfall

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Air Terjun Pelangi (Rainbow Waterfall)

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Air terjun Pelangi (Rainbow Waterfall) 1/2 day Trip (6am-2pm)
RM60 per person (minimun 10 persons/ RM600), including snacks.

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Sungai Lembing Tourism Spot Tour 
(Trip to the Mines Museum, Sungai Lembing Museum, Mount Tapis, Panorama Hill, aboriginal people village, Sg Jin Waterfall & Cristal House)
RM25 per person (minimun 10 persons/ RM250) including lunch
RM20* per perpeson (minimum 10 persons/ RM200)
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Air terjun Pelangi (Rainbow Waterfall) Group 3 days & 2 nights Tour Package 
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Air terjun Pelangi (Rainbow Waterfall) Group 3 days & 2 nights Camping Package 
RM85 per person (minimun 30 persons), including transportation, camping equipment rentals (including 10 camping tents) & interesting activities.
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Tour Package1:Trip to the famous Air Terjun Pelangi@Rainbow Waterfall 

Have you heard about Air Terjun Pelangi@Rainbow Waterfall of Sungai Lembing? 

The famous Rainbow Fall (Air Terjun Pelangi) can be reached From Sungai Lembing, Kuantan, Malaysia. You can reached there by 4WD that cam along with tourist guide services. Air Terjun Pelangi (Rainbow Waterfall) is very famous with it nature beauty, located at the end of Sungai Lembing town. This waterfall is well-known with its rainbow, yeah a truly rainbow..where you can watch it everyday at the waterfall but limited time, between 10.00am - 11.00am only. 

The famous Rainbow Fall (Air Terjun Pelangi) can be reached from Sungai Lembing. In earlier days this small town was famous because of its tin mines. Now it is nice, sleepy place. There is a museum and there are plans to reopen the mines as a tourist attraction. Transport to the fall can be arranged in the town, you need a 4WD if you want to go on your own. A guide is useful, although not really needed. You have to start early, as the famous rainbow can only be seen in the morning. It is a one hour drive from the town to the trail head, followed by about 45 minutes of easy trekking to the fall. Enjoy the nature wonder of this waterfall.

As seen on TV

Click this map to see the exact location
Near Sg Lembing
Coordinates and map
Water Source
Waterfall Profile
Vertical Fall
4WD and trekking

Information of Rainbow Waterfall, Sg Lembing

Breathtaking scenery 

The waterfall of Air Terjun Pelangi (Rainbow Waterfall)

Breathtaking scenery

Rocky scenery with nature beauty

Picture tells a thousand words..Check out these excitement!

Tourist attraction (picture taken during 31 August 2014)

Thousands already been there

Natural attraction of Rainbow Waterfall

Natural attraction of Rainbow Waterfall

Natural attraction of Rainbow Waterfall

 How to get there?

Trip to Air Terjun Pelangi with 4wd

Transportation to Rainbow Waterfall

Excitement shown at their faces

The route taken in the journey to Rainbow Waterfall

The route taken in the journey to Rainbow Waterfall (picture taken from passenger seats;-)

Half-way journey, still a long way to go

Tourists take a brake for nature sight-seeing

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